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Orange front cover of the Art Institute of Boston Centennial publication titled, "1912-2012 The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University: Celebrating 100 years of Educating Artists and Designers."

Front cover of Lesley Magazine, Centennial issue commemorating the 100th year of Lesley University. Cover shows a collage of notable administrators in Lesley's history and students throughout the decades.

Color photograph of the Porter Exchange, the former Sears building and shopping center, which was purchased by Lesley College in 1994. It is presently known as University Hall.

Black and white photograph of Lesley College President Margaret McKenna and Art Institute of Boston (AIB) Dean Stan Trecker at the ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating the merger of the two institutions in 1998.

Black and white photograph of three male students playing musical instruments next to the Audubon Expedition Institute bus.

Black and white photograph of three male students playing guitars next to the Audubon Expedition Institute bus and a tent with a handwritten sign, "Student Housing."

Black and white photograph of two students in the Computers in Education class as part of the Programs in Management for Business and Industry (PMBI) at Lesley Graduate School.

Front cover of the Lesley College Current, Winter/Spring 1986 issue, with the headline, "The Inauguration of Margaret A. McKenna." Include a black and white image of President Margaret McKenna (left) and Chairperson of the Lesley Board of Trustees…

Front page of Lesley College Student Petition proposing that a dorm remain open for the summer to enable Lesley students to continue political activity and oversee construction. This page is signed by 36 students.

Black and white photo of Expressive Therapies class. Instructor is kneeling at the front of the class with back in view and arms open wide. Five students are facing the camera and watching the instructor.
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